Club News 2016

Shelter Island Country Club
Closing Meeting Minutes
October 16, 2016
Call to order (R Lucas)
President Ron Lucas called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM.  Officers present were Peter Disch, Vice President and Belle Lareau, Secretary. Trustees attending were Scott Lechmanski, Jack Cortner, Bennett Karnis and Ann Beckwith.
Opening Remarks (R Lucas)
A moment of silence was held for Charlotte Hannabury, a life long member of the club.The club procedure is to follow Robert's Rules of Order and an agenda was presented.
The minutes of the last meeting were distributed by email and were therefore, not read. They were approved by acclamation.
Financial Report (R Lucas)
As of October 16th, 2016
Checking Account                                                   $2,176
Money Market*                                                       $5,009
Check on hand from Restaurant**                        $2,500
Cash from week of 10/10 operations**               $2,117
* Includes restaurant security deposit
** To be deposited on Monday 10/17
Additional monies owed from restaurant           $8,938
                                                        TOTAL   $20,740
Expected total of club bills due by 12/31/16         $16,983
We had hoped to pay back the bridge loan we received from the town, which is secured by our equipment, by this meeting, but are not yet able to do so.
Our end of September financial reports indicate this year's revenues are down $64,000 or 33%, compared to last year, but we were able to reduce expenses for the year by $56,400 or 45% so far.
Of the about $17,000 in bills that are due or will be coming due by the end of the year, about $9,000 are from vendors who have worked with us before and/or are adding late fee payment charges. Our priorities in paying bills have been payroll and taxes, including federal and state, unemployment and sales taxes, insurance, liquor bills and our vendors.
Last year the club received dues of $13,000 during November & December and $8,000 in January. Members are encouraged to pay early. Mark Scola noted the club is close to bankruptcy and questioned what will happen if members pay early and the club doesn't open. Ron said we need members to step up and help the club. Sandra Lucas said if we pay our dues early it will be to cover this year's expenses, and it looks like we will need to raise fees for next year.
Liz Lechmanski felt that the president of the club acting as treasurer was a conflict of interest. There was a separate treasurer in the past. Finding someone to act as treasurer among our members has been difficult. Sue Hine asked if we could have a non-member as treasurer. Kate Cunningham said a treasurer needs to be elected by the members. The issue will be reviewed by the new bylaws committee. 
Club Business
Thank you notes were received from Henry George Lang and Richard Ruscica our scholarship recipients.
Trail fees will remain in place next year. We have had difficulty collecting the fees and need to do a better job monitoring them.
Flight Winners
The board voted to not give cash prizes to the winners of the club flights because of the low participation and club finances. Winners have been recognized on the wall plaque.
Women's Flight
          1st  - Ann Beckwith
          2nd - Belle Lareau
          1st  - Peter Disch
          2nd - Bruce Taplin
Men's A Flight
          1st  - Bennett Karnis
          2nd - Jack Cortner
Men's B Flight
          1st  - Mark Scola
          2nd - Rich O'Connell
Men's C Flight
          1st  - Frank Caputo
          2nd - Greg Toner
New Business
Discussion was held because someone asked to join the club five days before the membership meeting so they could vote. They were told no. Several members objected, questioning why we would not want to take the membership money. Belle Lareau asked for a show of hands to get a feeling from the members present on the issue. Seven members objected to not accepting the membership while the majority favored a longer amount of time before having voting privileges. The issue will be addressed in the new bylaws.
The board recommended an increase in cart and membership fees in 2017. A raise in membership and cart fees was discussed. The board recommends a 10% across the board increase in membership fees and a raise in age for senior memberships to 65. They also recommend an increase in cart fees to $200 from $140. Sandy Lucas objected because they get nothing in exchange for the increase. Liz Lechmanski objected to the same pool of people being tapped. Charlie Beckwith felt the area should be cleaned up. Bruce Taplin felt a fee increase to $300 would not be out of line. He noted that if you play 30 times a year at $10 rental per time any play over 30 is a bonus. Bruce is in favor of raising cart fees. Cathy Kenny suggested the new board review  pricing increases and present a package to the membership. Bob Hall wanted to find out why so many members dropped out and what can we do to get them back. Kate Cunningham noted that fees were not being properly collected and suggested a spotter.
Discussion was held about the precedent of accepting absentee ballots. On the pro side, this is a common practice among many boards and associations because it gives members the opportunity to voice their preferences if they are unable to attend a meeting. Cathy Kenny questioned why we would want to deny members the right to vote. Ann Beckwith felt she and Charlie were denied the right to vote last year because the membership meeting date changed after they made travel plans. Even though they were in touch with the club by phone, they did not vote. Concern was raised because there is no wording under elections in our current bylaws to allow for absentee ballots. There is language on absentee ballots in the by-laws section. Joan Caputo felt absentee ballots were unfair to people nominated from the floor because the absentee ballot would not know about the new nominee. It was pointed out that 3 notices went out requesting those interested in running for office to contact the president and send a bio of their qualifications for release to the members. Is it fair that someone declares their interest only after they know who is running?
Kate Cunningham made a motion "That in order for a member to cast a vote for this election, they must be present at this meeting and the new bylaws need to address the issue of absentee ballots." The motion was seconded by Charlie Beckwith. In a show of hands, sixteen voted in favor, three were opposed and the remainder were undecided. Again, bylaws reform and clarification is needed.
Ann Beckwith was unopposed for Vice President, and will fill the remaining one year of Peter Disch's term. The secretary cast one ballot for the Vice President on behalf of the membership which was approved.
Cathy Kenny was unopposed for Secretary, and will serve a three year term. The current secretary cast one ballot for Secretary on behalf of the membership which was approved.
Since Ann moved up to Vice President, her one year term needed to be filled, leaving three positions for trustees. The following declared candidates ran for trustee: Billy Banks, Gordon Gooding, Chuck Hoffman, Belle Lareau, Scott Lechmanski and Greg Toner. Wally Ogar was nominated from the floor. The top two candidate votes went Gordon Gooding and Greg Toner to fill the 3 year expired terms of Bennett Karnis and Scott Lechmanski. The third candidate, Belle Lareau, will fill the remaining one year of Ann Beckwith's term. The votes were counted by Jack Cortner and validated by Bennett Karnis. The membership did not want the number of votes for each candidate announced.
The meeting adjourned at 5:00 PM
Respectfully submitted,
Belle Lareau, Secretary


Betty Kontje Memorial Cocktail Party

Sunday, July 17, 2016

5:00 to 7:00

Betty Kontje gave a lifetime of love and service to the youth and community through
 The Shelter Island Country Club. Join us in honoring her memory at a cocktail party, 
2 hour open bar, hot and cold appetizers, raw bar with clams, oysters and shrimp, 
door & raffle prizes, FISHING CRUISE RAFFLE; 50/50 and more! 
(Need not be present to win!)


Tickets are available at the Club


Shelter Island Country Club
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Chef Peter Ambrose to run Endless Summer Cafe
After discussions with several highly qualified candidates, the board has selected Chef Peter Ambrose to run our restaurant for 2016. Peter has over 25 years in the Hamptons food industry. He currently owns Endless Summer Event Catering. We agreed all liquor sales will go to the club and all food sales will go to his restaurant

Peter plans to offer a menu of creative summer food that is casual and tasty. The menu has been designed to be both reasonable and appealing to a foursome coming off the golf course, as well as the family coming from the beach.  

Endless Summer Cafe has generously offered to cater our opening party so you will be able to sample some of the menu items that will be available this season.

The restaurant will be open for Mother's Day and will offer a special Mother's Day Menu.

Membership Meeting
Opening Party
hosted by Chef Peter Ambrose
Sunday, May 1st

The membership meeting will start at 4:00 on May 1st, followed by the opening party at 5:00. The cost  for members is $10.00 which will be collected at the door. Guests Welcome cost $15.00. 

Upcoming Events
May & June

May 1   - Opening Meeting & Party           4:00 pm 
May 7   - Kentucky Derby Party               4:00 pm
May 15 - Chilly Willy Scramble                3:00 pm
May 23 - Weekly Ladies Scramble           8:45 am
May 26 - Weekly Men's Scramble            3:00 pm

June 12 - Flag Day Tournament                3:00 pm 
June 12 - Club Flight Signup Begins
June 19 - Father's Day Tournament          2:00 pm

 Sign-up at the clubhouse 

( End of club news for 2016 )                            

Club News 2015


SICC Closing Membership Meeting                                                           October 18, 2015


Call to order (R Lucas)

President Ron Lucas called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM.  Officer present was Belle Lareau, Secretary. Trustees attending were Jack Cortner, Scott Lechmanski, Bennett Karnis. Ann Beckwith and Peter Disch were out of town.


Minutes: A motion was made to dispense with the reading of the minutes of our last membership meeting on July 12, 2015. The motion was approved by acclamation.


Treasurer Report (R Lucas)

Our balances are as follows:


9/30/2015               9/30/2014               Difference


Cash Balance           $16,015.31              $32,519.59    $(16,000) 


Our cash balance is less because income is lower and expenses are higher. We still owe bills for grass seed, to our accountant, natural gas and gasoline, and for the new gas tank alarm system. 


Restaurant reimbursements are up-to date as of this meeting, leaving us down about $9,000.00 from last year at this time.



Profit Center Reports for 2015 vs 2014 as of the end of September indicate approximates of:

    Bar Sales                         up      $28,000  (expenses also up $19,000)

          Carts                               up      $4,000

          Greens Fees                      down   $6,000

          Range                              down   $  300

          Pro Shop                          down   $1,000

          Membership                      down   $2,000 (273 members vs 275 last year)

          Maintenance                      down   $2,000

          Maintenance Carts              up      $1,000

    Maintenance Grounds          up      $4,000

          Wages & Salaries                up      $10,000

          Taxes & Payroll                  up      $2,000 


Discussion followed the financial report about our finances. President, Ron Lucas, was questioned about the $10,000 increase in wages and salaries. Part of the increase was due to having to hire an additional part time person to maintain our equipment and an increase in staff hours to cover the bar, which was open longer this year.


Several members felt we should have a budget for 2016 and not just rely on the previous year's figures as we have done in the past. It was agreed the board will put together a budget that will be presented at the opening meeting.


Sue Hine asked how many on the staff and what were they paid. Figures were not readily available but can be researched.


Larry Lechmanski asked if we looked into cost of maintenance. He felt the board is in defensive mode and should be in offensive mode with regards to equipment maintenance. He said we may have up to $150,000 worth of equipment that has to be used and maintained on a regular basis.


Annual Report (R Lucas)


This year we held 9 board meetings and 3 membership meetings.


Major improvements were made to the club house. VUE management received a round of applause. A two year lease was signed with VUE so they can recoup their investment in the club. A new POS (point-of-sale) computer system was installed for better tracking of greens fees, cart rentals, pro shop and bar sales. A new tap beer system was installed. Our logo was updated.


Our plans for course improvement next year include installing hand rails on the 7th and 9th tees, and new tees for 1,2,5 & 7. Longer term, we need to repair the blacktop around holes 3,5, & 7.

This year gold senior's tees were installed for players over 55 years of age. A new alarm system was required by EPA and installed on our fuel tank. The sewer system was finally installed by the town in July. The town still needs to repair the blacktop by the carts.


We are pursuing a sign for Betty Kontje on the new 6th ladies tee which will match the other tee signs. The original sign maker has gone out of business. The sign has been estimated to cost $1,000. Ed Brown recommended a tree be planted with a plaque mounted for Betty, which would beautify the course and be less expensive. Because of the high cost of the sign, it was suggested we hold a special fund raiser for the recognition of Betty's long term contribution to our club.


Bylaws revisions will be put off until next year.


In late September and early October, our club hosted Shelter Island High School women's and men's cross country track meets on our course. The race was scheduled at 5:00 pm and over 100 students and parents attended. We may host these successful events again next year.   


Correspondence was received from the historical society thanking us for our donation to their annual fund raiser. Julia Martin and Tommy Card sent letters thanking us for our scholarship donations.


No dues increase is planned for next year.


Membership & Development (B Lareau)

The ladies Monday morning scramble was a success and we will continue the scramble next season. It is a great way for our new players to gain confidence and meet other players.


We will also have a ladies game at 2:00 on Wednesday's next season which is open to all players.


Grounds (S Lechmanski)

Scott apologized for the condition of the greens this year. The weather was not kind to us, and the greens were damaged in May due to lack of watering at night. Aeration was not carried out as planned and we got hit by a downpour right afterwards. Next year we will aerate in the Spring. We will seek guidance from George Blados. We need a part time person to help Gator on the course and with equipment maintenance.  


Tournaments (K Gibbs for A Beckwith)

People need to sign up earlier and we need a more visible location for club notices. Unfortunately, the Backwards Tournament sign up sheet fell behind the radiator and was not available for member sign up. A new bulletin board was purchased and has been installed to the left of the fireplace. Sandy Lucas commented that Belle does a good job of emailing the tournament announcements and Bob Hall said the tournaments are posted on the website.

Scott Lechmanski suggested a sign up sheet for the next tournament be posted on the day of the current tournament and that the next tournament be announced when the awards are distributed.


Pro-shop (B Karnis)

Due to club finances, the Pro Shop did not have the budget to stock the store. We only stocked a few items which sold well; golf balls, hats and gloves. Barbara Olton suggested we consider a fulfillment center with samples available in the shop so people can shop on line. Others felt the store items were impulse items and should be stocked. Mark Scola felt we missed dozens of summer people opportunities because guest players like to take home mementoes of their visit to Goat Hill.  We will consider more items for the Pro Shop next year since it is a profit center.


Club House (J Cortner)

The club house is in good order


Flight Winners (R Lucas)

All plaques have been updated, including the Hole-In-One which was achieved by Bob Hall this year with only three clubs and a putter, on the fifth hole.


Women's Championship

Runner Up - Karen Gibbs

Winner - Sherri Surozenski


Men's Championship

Runner Up - Bruce Taplin

Winner - Ian Weslek


Men's A Flight

Runner Up - P.J. Lechmanski

Winner - Jack Cortner


Men's B Flight

Runner Up - Sam Case

Winner - Dr. Richard O'Connell





New Business

Election of Officers

The board endorsed Jack Cortner for re-election and called for a vote. Charlie Beckwith was nominated from the floor. President, Ron Lucas, noted that it was requested by email that anyone wishing to oppose Jack notify him prior to the meeting so that we could conduct an orderly voting process. Belle Lareau noted that it was not appropriate to have a husband and wife on the board because with only five board members present for a vote, a husband/wife team would represent 40% of the vote. Phyllis Power said there was nothing in the by-laws prohibiting a husband/wife team from serving.

Karen Gibbs was then nominated from the floor and agreed to fill the role of trustee. Other questions arose on the nominating process, the by-laws were read twice for clarification. The by-laws do not address the nomination process other than to say they will be done at the closing meeting. Kathy Kenny, a lawyer, commented that legally if by-laws are silent on an issue, you can not create a new rule without due process.  Jack Cortner suggested that since we have had nominations from the floor in the past a precedent has been set. He recommended we accept the floor nominations for this year.

(The nominating process needs to be defined in the revised by-laws so a more orderly and professional procedure is in place for next year.)

Ballots were distributed and tallied. Jack Cortner received 21, Karen Gibbs received 13 and Charlie Beckwith received 8.


Member Comments

Arthur Lucker commented that some members no longer enjoy coming to the bar and that the restaurant prices were too high.

Sandy Lucas suggested raising the membership fees. Others felt that a higher fee and the condition of the course would drive members away.

Ed Brown would like to see more entrees on the menu between $16 and $20.

Phyllis Power commented that greens fees are a lot less and suggested we need signs encouraging people to come play golf with us.

Towny Montant asked how many rounds of golf were played. We can get a number of non-members from the POS system but we are unable to track members. Members continue to be lax about signing in the book. Linda Hacker noted she was a new member and this is the first she has heard about signing in. Greg Toner suggested we have a sign-in book at the 2nd tee along with the score cards, so members do not have to go to the club house to sign in.


Old Business: None


Meeting adjourned at 5:00.

Respectfully submitted,

Belle Lareau, Secretary